Labour Unions & Employee Benefits

For over 40 years, we have provided labour unions and labour associations with value-added accounting, auditing, consulting, and tax services. With each one of our clients, we have succeeded to strengthen internal controls and enhance administrative efficiencies. Our labour union specialists work with clients ranging from small local unions to large district councils and are trained to understand the unique landscape of this sector. We make sure you keep your records up to date for presentation to your membership, executive boards, boards of trustees, and international bodies. We take your fiduciary responsibility to your members seriously.

Our extensive services provided to various labour unions include:

  • Annual compilation, review or audit of the financial statements and reporting thereon
  • Preparation of budgets, forecasts and projections
  • Preparation of bond reports, annual reports and other reporting requirements to International associations
  • Preparation of the non-profit organizational tax return T1044 and any other filing requirements with CRA
  • Preparation or assistance in all government filings, including T4s, NR4s, WSIB returns, GST/HST returns and rebates
  • Attendance and presentation of financial information at the appropriate meetings of management, audit committees, the Board of Directors/Trustees and delegates
  • Verification of trustee and business representative expenditures, including travel expenses, meal allowances, reimbursements, and other discretionary spending
  • Expense allocation analysis
  • Reviews of operating and internal control systems, including recommendations for needed improvements
  • Recommendation, installation and migration of accounting software packages
  • Assistance in applications for government funding
  • Compliance audits with various governmental agencies providing financial support or funding grants
  • 3 Payroll compliance audits to verify the accuracy of employer remittances in compliance with Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • 4 Forensic cash and dues counter audits to quantify the value of misappropriated funds or to ensure necessary controls in place to reduce the possibility of fraud and misappropriation
  • 5 Election tabulation services and audited verification of election results
Multi Employer Benefit & Pension Plans

We are leading experts in financial accounting and reporting standards relevant to multiemployer benefit plans. We serve as independent auditors on plans throughout Canada varying in size and scope, including defined contributions plans, defined benefit and target benefit plans, health and welfare plans, vacation pay plans, and supplementary employee benefit plans. With over $2.75 billion in assets under our scope, we can assure your Board of Trustees that your plan receives the highest level of due diligence and care in financial reporting. As specialists in this complex and ever-changing area, our dedicated staff helps you understand the impact of new regulations or policies to ensure your employee benefit plans are in compliance with federal and provincial tax laws and accounting principles. Our continuous work with various independent third party administrators throughout Canada and the US has fostered a mutually rewarding relationship which assists us to minimize audit costs while maximizing audit efficiency. As a result, we have known reputation as being a trusted resource and strategic partner to be utilized for your benefit and pension plans.

Our services include:

  • Annual compilation, review or audit of the financial statements and reporting thereon
  • Preparation and filing applicable T3 Trust Income Tax Returns, T3P Pension Trust Income Tax Returns and any other filing requirements with CRA
  • Preparation and filing of GST/HST rebates
  • Calculating reserve contributions and allocated amounts
  • Investment analysis and reviewing investment returns and adherence to applicable Statement of Investment
  • Policies and Procedures (SIP&P)
  • Historical rate of return calculation for pension investments
  • Verification of trustee expenditures, including travel expenses, meal allowances, reimbursements, and other discretionary spending
  • Review of Third Party Administrator’s internal controls over financial reporting
  • Attendance and presentation of financial information at the appropriate meetings of management, audit committees, and the Board of Trustees
  • Reviewing of operating and internal control systems, including recommendations for improvements
  • Ensuring compliance in FSCO/OSFI filing requirements
Payroll Compliance Audits

Ensuring collection of contributions due to employee benefit funds is one of the most challenging responsibilities that trustees and fiduciaries encounter. With volatile investment returns and health care and pension costs steadily increasing each year, the need for plans to collect every dollar due is more vital than ever. We are industry experts in reviewing employer records to determine whether the correct contributions have been remitted to your benefit plans. Let us help your plan recover these unremitted contributions that are rightfully due. We have a proven track record of finding significant noncompliance with employers, recovering substantial amounts of foregone contributions.

Forensic, Cash and Dues Counter Audits and Management

Our extensive experience dealing with small union offices with limited staffing and financial resources has led to a new, specialized audit division focused solely on dues and cash window management. Our staff utilizes specialized auditing procedures that concentrate on sequential receipt generation, completeness of receipts, accurate posting of transactions to accounting software, custody of cash held by employees, electronic transfer payments, transfer of cash to other employees, effective utilization of lock boxes and office safes, timely cash deposits to banking institutions, and effective reconciliation of cash deposits to receipts generated. We can assist your office to develop simple and effective policies and procedures to mitigate the risk of employee misappropriation, theft, and embezzlement. In addition, when a theft occurs, we have significant experience determining the amounts of misappropriated funds and reporting the findings to insurance bonding companies and law enforcement officials.

Union Election Tabulation

Resnick Partnership LLP has provided election tabulation services for the over 30 years. Our customized and innovative computer software specifically designed for election tabulation ensures complete reliability, accuracy, and efficient results to our clients. We ensure fair results and smooth success in every aspect of a union election, from planning the vote, creating the ballot, hosting the election, setting up voting booths, and the delivering same-night results. You tell us how much help you want and we will do the rest.

Our tabulation services include:

  • Expertise to organize an efficient and effective voting schedule and environment
  • Independent and unbiased oversight that is vital for your voter’s confidence
  • Consulting on different voting methods and procedures
  • Assistance in marketing the election and ensuring voters attend the election
  • Assistance in design, configuration and printing of the ballots
  • Customized computer software to ensure security, efficiency, ease of use and accurate results
  • Properly trained tabulators and organizers with supporting computer equipment and software
  • Actual setup of election, including choosing the right location, mapping the flow of voters, setting up private voting booths and lock-box ballot containers, and setting up tabulators
  • Determination of spoilt and non-eligible votes
  • Presentation of results to officials
  • All-day and night election support to answer any questions and to keep the vote moving smoothly