Forensic Services

Situations involving fraud, disputes between parties, or allegations of corruption require a close examination of books, records, and other documentation to determine what accurately happened and to win with a favorable outcome.

We are highly skilled at investigating and tracing financial transactions, whether it is due to employee misconduct or external perpetrators, and we proudly maintain the highest standards of professionalism, discretion, objectivity, and ethical conduct.

Our findings are often used in personal, criminal, or civil legal proceedings, or to establish and support insurance and matrimony claims. Whatever your troubles, we will help you establish evidence to settle potential discrepancies in your personal or company’s finances.

Corporate and Commercial Investigations

  • Theft, fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation
  • Employee misconduct
  • Detection and investigation of white collar crime
  • Canada Revenue Agency matters
  • Litigation support
  • Internal fraud audits
  • Marital disputes
  • Insurance claims

Fraud Prevention

  • International control techniques and fraud prevention training
  • Development of fraud assessments
  • Identification of inappropriate accounting practices